Our NO RISK RECOVERY PROGRAM ensures that you do not pay for our services unless we recover a rebate on behalf of your company, We only require some basic information about your business and its off-road operations in order to file for your Fuel Tax Rebate, Depending on how, or if you have filed a claim in the past we will do all or some of the following on your behalf

      Provide and assist you with the documentation required for either program

      Register your company for the appropriate fuel tax program

      Reconcile all you fuel purchases according to the government guidelines

      Complete and submit the required forms

We have developed a positive relationship with the Alberta Tax & Revenue Administrative. We have been actively involved in and aware of the changes to the Fuel Tax Rebate Programs, adapting our forms on a regular basis in an effort to simplify the process of filing a successful claim on your behalf.


We Guarantee our work.

We respond to any and all Tax & Revenue Administrative inquires or requests regardless of your current client status. we will even assist you if your not our client.

Confidentiality and personalized service is important to us / Our staff is bonded and insured.  

Send Us Your Feedback

The Alberta Government has cancelled the Fuel Tax Rebate Program effective Feb, 24th 2011 I am working with the local MLA in developing a program to present to the Provincial Government in an effort to continue this program without the administrative monster that has been created. I am asking you for your feed-back on this issue and your suggestions to simply the program. please include your company name, contact information and how this program rebate effects you.



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