About the program

The Government of Alberta provides tax exemptions and rebates on clear fuel consumed in commercial operations off-road at a rate of 9 cents per liter for diesel / gas & 6 cents for propane.

Off-road is defined as any road that is not maintained by federal or provincial governments, including private property, oilfield lease sites, construction sites, logging and bush roads.
As well as time spent working, idling, loading and unloading . . .

According to the NEW GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES and the introduction to the PROP Program in 2006 various eligible industries have been issued a percentage rate that your industry may qualify under, based on the activity and type of your equipment. Eliminating the need to have to provide a one month summary of your off-road operations and consumption testing. Not all off-road operations are eligible to file under the PROP program and must continue to file under the TEFU program and in some cases both depending on your off-road operations.

For Example

. . . if you haul Crude Oil, LPG, or Production Fluids your are entitled to 42% of your fuel consumption as off-road. - Assuming you burn 10,000 liters of fuel per month X 12 months
@ 42 % X the tax rate of 0.09 cents per liter you would receive a rebate of  $ 4536.00 per year. ( We can file a fuel tax rebate claim for 3 years prior, Plus the current calendar year. )

The TEFU program requires you to complete a 30 day survey of your off-road operations along with consumption testing of the specific units you are operating off-road. by either an engine download   ( available at most heavy duty mechanics shops ) or by conducting a self test. As of January 1, 2010 the Tax and revenue administration has benchmarked the fuel consumption of vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of under 14,500 lbs.

Registration for either the PROP or TEFU Program ( or both ) is required prior to submitted the proper documentation required to recover your Fuel Tax Rebate.


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The Alberta Government has cancelled the Fuel Tax Rebate Program effective Feb, 24th 2011 I am working with the local MLA in developing a program to present to the Provincial Government in an effort to continue this program without the administrative monster that has been created. I am asking you for your feed-back on this issue and your suggestions to simply the program. please include your company name, contact information and how this program rebate effects you.



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